Intertaiment Licensing was awarded more than $120 million by a jury
in Orange County based on its claims that Franchise Pictures had
overcharged Intertainment for overseas distribution rights for dozens
of well known feature films.  This was the third largest jury verdict in
the State of California in 2004.  Discovery Economics evaluated the
damages incurred by Intertainment.  Bob Wunderlich testified
regarding our analysis at the trial.

Shirley and Jason McClure were awarded more than $20 million in
damages related to its claims that the City of Long Beach improperly
prevented them from opening an Alzheimer's disease care facility.  
The 2004 trial lasted over seven months followed by jury deliberations
for more than four months.  George Miller testified regarding the
damages incurred by the McClures at trial.

Discovery Economics assisted the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)
in submitting a bid to provide health care and prescription drug
services under the new Medicare provider programs starting in
January 2006.  AHF provides health care  to patients with HIV/AIDS
regardless of their ability to pay.  Kip Jones and Bob Wunderlich
headed this project for Discovery Economics.
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