Analyzed lost profits and price erosion claims for a theft of trade secrets case

Analyzed lost profits and price erosion claims for a theft of trade secrets case
in the bio-medical industry.  Evaluted reasonable royalty for rights to
intellectual property.

Evaluated economic damages due to patent infringement relating to computer
monitors and computer notebook displays.

Performed market study of video and DVD sales for major film studio.  
Analyzed market size, market share, sales potential, competition, and
performance by studio.  Evaluated sales of thousands of titles by genre,
release date, box office, price and other attributes.

Consulted for quick service restaurant chain  regarding allegations of failure to
implement tie-in promotion for a major motion picture.  Analyzed box office,
audience surveys, star power and promotion for hundreds of films.

Analyzed factors leading to bankruptcy of a California card casino.  Projected
operations under different scenarios.  Analyzed solvency of the entity at
different points in time.

On behalf of a group of over 30 Nevada casinos, calculated lost profits caused
by the inability to provide pari-mutuel wagering.

Evaluated claimed costs and lost profits related to a line of fragrances and
other amenities.  Analyzed financial statements, ledgers, and audit work
papers.  Investigated alter ego issues and related-party contracts.

Investigated issues of  fraud and claims of legal and accounting malpractice for
a securities matter involving real estate investments.

For a product liability matter, disputed claims for remediation costs and lost
profits resulting from alleged faulty materials used at a large number of
construction sites.

Applied statistical sampling methods to determine excessive and fraudulent
invoicing for vehicle maintenance.

Analyzed accounting for income at a group of automobile dealerships in
connection with a partnership dispute.

For a government contract claim, analyzed a defense contractor’s request for
equitable adjustment for cost overruns.

Directed numerous health care debt capacity analyses and financial feasibility
studies for public bond offerings.  Developed long-term forecasts, analyzed
construction costs, and evaluated major capital construction projects built
under fast track schedules

Quantified economic damages stemming from a failed joint venture to launch a
new medical diagnostic procedure.  Evaluated market projections, Medicare
and insurance coverage, and effect of promotion on the product launch.

Quantified economic damages in a breach of contract case stemming from
alleged defective design and workmanship in the aircraft manufacturing

Investigated alleged multi-million dollar fraudulent conveyance of company
assets prior to bankruptcy.  Documented that the company's managers sold
material assets to related parties at prices significantly lower than market value.

On behalf of national mortgage institution, investigated fraud and analyzed
damages related to numerous mortgage-backed securities issued on over 150
real estate properties that had been falsely valued.

Court-appointed expert for eminent domain matters regarding takings of
properties for airport expansion and subway construction.  Analyzed
environmental clean-up costs, appraisals, and incremental construction costs.

Consulted regarding cost recovery for a Potentially Responsible Party at a
major Superfund site.  Compiled and reviewed response and remediation costs
totaling several hundred million dollars.

Provided financial consulting and accounting services and acted as trustee on
behalf of a group of Potentially Responsible Parties jointly performing
remediation at a major Superfund site.

Consulted regarding pricing of imported crude oil, relative to benchmark
crudes and domestic crude oil.  Analyzed factors influencing producers and
refiners of crude oil.

Prepared claims for insurance recovery for matters involving business
interruption, environmental contamination and earthquake damage.

Evaluated lost earnings in many industries in connection with claims of wrongful
death, personal injury, and wrongful termination
"True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain,
hazardous and conflicting information."  -
Winston Churchill
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